3 simple Minecraft farms that you should build today

From growing crops to defeating mobs, and collecting their items or experience, farming is available in Minecraft in many forms. Some forms are more efficient or complex than others.

The player is responsible for designing and building the farm. Complex creations take more time and require more resources. Sometimes, however, it is better to use a simpler design, especially in the early stages of a player's adventure in a Minecraft world.

When players have more experience and have access to more blocks and materials, it is possible for them to start to create better farming designs for crops, mobs, and other items.

Three simple Minecraft farm designs

1) Planter Box Farm

This is the simplest design a Minecraft player could make. These planter boxes are so simple that they can even be generated in villages. Villagers can manage them.

A planter box is a small container that contains a few rows and a little water. They can grow basic crops like wheat, potatoes and sugar cane. You can even set them up to grow melons or pumpkins.

Players can add composter blocks to make bone meal for their crops as a finishing touch.

2) Automatic Iron Farm

Although it may seem cruel to some, you can create an iron farm automatically by killing iron golems.

There are many designs available for these farms. While some farms operate in a similar way to a hostile mob drop-tower, others have open-ended designs that use more running water and can hold more golems simultaneously.

It all comes down to the amount of time and resources that players are willing to invest. An iron farm, due to its importance in Minecraft, is a very useful construct.

3) Hostile mob drop tower

Drop towers are the most well-known and oldest farming method in Minecraft. These can be used to kill hostile mobs, and then deposit their items in nearby receptacles.

Drop towers were required to adapt to Minecraft 1.18's changes in how hostile mobs are spawned. These tower floors are multi-layered and sometimes flooded with water. The mobs then fall into a pool and are funneled towards the center of the drop tower. The mobs then descend below the drop tower and take damage.

The mobs can be finished off with blocks such as magma or campfires, before their experience and items are distributed.