Enable MP in Minecraft Java

Minecraft is a sandbox that lets gamers play together on LAN, online and in real-world realms. These are the best servers for survival multiplayer.

Multiplayer mode is more fun because players can share, trade and collect resources with other players. You can also play mini-games such as parkour, bedwars, and build battles on other servers.

The best part about Minecraft's multiplayer mode is its availability on all platforms. Java Edition players can't play with Bedrock Edition players on online realms or servers, and vice versa.

How can Java Edition players enable Minecraft multiplayer?

Many Java Edition users have experienced an issue where they tried to play multiplayer but the button was disabled. The game displays a message saying, "Multiplayer is disabled." Check your Microsoft account settings.

These steps will help players fix the problem and have fun playing online.

Step 1: Open any web browser to access the official Microsoft website.

Step 2: Log into the account you used to purchase Minecraft Java Edition.

Step 3: Players will need to click their name in the upper right corner and click "My Microsoft Account".

Step 4: Click "Privacy", then click the "Xbox" button, or logo located under "Manage privacy settings".

Step 5: Next, select "Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety".

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom of this section and locate "You can join multiplayer gaming". It should be set to allow. Now the player can join any Java Edition online server. If that fails, the player might need to log out and log back in using their Microsoft account.