Minecraft maps to play with 3 other friends

Minecraft is a fun and relaxing game that you can play alone, but it's even more enjoyable when you have a few people to share the experience with.

There are still tons of maps to explore in Minecraft for a limited number of players (e.g. a 4-player multiplayer). The game's community responded to the call by uploading tons of maps for multiplayer players to explore and enjoy.

There are also fun minigames and challenges on other maps that can be used to make 4-player multiplayer more competitive. There's likely to be a map that suits your needs, no matter what they might be looking for.

Minecraft: 5 amazing maps for 4-player enjoyment

5) Ultimate Spleef from Chicken Leg Studios

Spleef, which is fun and easy to learn for players, is an exciting game mode that rewards the last one standing. Players compete on stages to remove blocks from their opponents, causing them to fall off the platform.

This stage offers fun powerups such as super speed and invisibility. Players can also use snowballs that can break blocks. If they want to become the Ultimate Spleef Champion, players will need to be fast on the draw and quick thinking.

4) Monster Defense by JekNJok

JekNJok's Monster Defense is a great map for players who are looking for a cooperative map. The Cursed Mine monsters are unleashed and players must defend Midland.

Players can choose from many different RPG-styled skills or artifacts to defend Midland. These abilities and powers grant different abilities and power. They can also activate magical traps to defeat whole waves of enemies and battle powerful bosses. This map is ideal for Minecraft players who want to play fantasy-style point defense.

3) The MineGames by Destroyer2004/Cima7A5v

The MineGames is a great choice for players who want to play more than one minigame on a map. This minigame combines the best of several games, such as Boat Racing, Follow the Line and the ever-popular TNT Wars.

The map was created by Destroyer2004 & Cima7A5v. Although it may not be downloaded as often as other maps, it is still a fun and varied experience. The map allows players to play trivia and a maze minigame. Players should have plenty of activities to complete before they reach the end.

2) Lucky Block Race by WopAnanas

Lucky Block is a mod that allows you to create "lucky" blocks within the game's limits. It's similar to the Super Mario blocks. These blocks are broken by players and can be used to unlock various items that are sometimes random.

This map will require players to be fast and lucky. The map's obstacles will only be broken by those who can break them. This race is random.

You might find it frustrating depending on how competitive your friends are, but it is a great multiplayer map for pure fun. The map files also include Lucky Block mod, which means you don't need to download it from another source.

1) Super Voxel Party with TheNerdyGinger

Mario Party is a great game for everyone. Imagine if four people could play minigames in Minecraft together. Super Voxel Party is here to fulfill that need. To be declared the winner, players will need to roll dice and pass through spaces.

The developer also implemented popular minigames across the Mario Party series, making it possible for players to play them. This is a stunning piece of mapmaking and Super Voxel Party will not disappoint in 4-player enjoyment.