Using a minecraft server list

The process of adding servers to a Minecraft server list is the same for most. Each site is unique! You should read the site-specific rules and requirements. You could lose your server listing.

Step 1: Creating an Account

To list a Minecraft server, the first step is to create an account. Listing your server will only be possible after it is created.

Step 2: Click on Add Server

Now it's time to add the server! You will need to provide a variety of information, from the IP address to the plugins. Be sure to have a server name, banner and catchy description.

Need a banner? You can find banner makers on some server lists. This is a very simple-to-use banner generator. A custom-made banner is the best!

It is best to be truthful in your listing. False information can get players on the server but they won't stay there if they find out they were being tricked. They will report you to the server. A banned listing is just as good as a no listing.

Step 2.5: Is my server IP already listed? !

Because IP addresses are very limited, it is quite common for an old server to have used your current address. Most server lists provide support for claiming ownership., for example, requires the MOTD to be changed to "Username owns this MC Server" alongside a support email. They usually respond within a few working days.

In the worst case scenario, your Minecraft server host may also change your IP address.

Step 3: Voting

Voting can be done through the Minecraft server listing. Click on your listing and click to vote. Enter your username. All usernames can be viewed publicly, and players may only vote once per day. Listing sites reset votes every month to ensure that listings are always up-to-date.

Important note: Bribing players to vote is not allowed. Although it can be difficult to convince players to open third party sites, if they get a few diamonds, it suddenly becomes easier.

Step 4: Automated Bribing

Server lists will usually send an email notification to the server whenever a player votes. A plugin like NuVotifier makes it possible for the server to receive that notification.

This is why you would want it. You can send rewards to voters by using a second plugin. This is often called a vote listener. A popular example of a vote listener is the Voting Plugin.

Automated bribing requires both plugins! Follow both the setup instructions.

Step 5: Voting links and reminders

Automated messages in-game encouraging voting are highly recommended. It is a good idea to include the possible rewards that each vote might bring the player. Automated tasks can be done on your server's control panel, or via a chat plugin like Chat Manager.

Streamlining the voting process will only increase participation. It is possible to speed up the process by using an in-game command that links to each page.