Villagers vs Traders: a Minecraft comparison

Minecraft's living entities, the mobs, can be found almost everywhere. Players will often encounter wandering traders and villagers while exploring Minecraft's world.

Since the beginning of Minecraft, villager have been a part of the game. They and the villages underwent many changes in the 1.14 Village and Pillage update. Wandering traders are less common than villagers because they were added to the game in the 1.14 update.

Comparison of Minecraft mobs: Wandering traders vs villagers

Spawn location

Most people who have played Minecraft for some time know that villager spawn in villages. They roam around the village during the day, and then they sleep in the houses at night.

Wandering traders don't have a specific spawn spot in the game. However, they might spawn near a village bell. They usually spawn within forty-eight blocks of the player.

Variants in behavior, appearance and behavior

Both wandering traders and villagers are passive mobs. Wandering traders, however, travel with two neutral trader llamas.

Both wandering traders and villagers look the same, but their clothes are different. Wandering traders can be seen wearing a blue robe with red accents and gold details.

Villagers, on the other hand, have different outfits depending on their trader level and their profession. The nitwit villagers are a variant of the villagers. They wear a green robe, and they cannot trade. There is also a Minecraft baby version of villagers. However, there are no wandering traders babies.


Wandering traders may offer items immediately after their spawned. However, villagers must become traders to be able to do this. To become a trader, players must place a block near the villager.

If there are any job site blocks in the village, players might find traders amongst them.

Wandering traders often sell items made from natural materials, such as plants. Depending on the type of trader, villager can sell many items. A farmer villager might sell bread for emeralds.


Two adult villager can be bred by players by placing beds next to them and feeding them bread. Wandering traders, however, cannot breed. The villagers can only breed if they want to.


Wandering traders and villagers both do not lose any items upon their deaths. There is an 8.5% chance that an item will be dropped if it was found in a milk bucket or potion that was being held or consumed by a wandering trader who was killed while holding one.